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Arkadi Lavoie Lachapelle
Whether happening in public, in a gallery, on stage, in a conference or at secret events, my performance practice cultivates the paradox of the performative gesture: a transformational energetic offering that can subvert and upset the order of things, while also bringing goodness to the body, the heart and the soul.

I draw from celebratory and party atmospheres in order to perturb the standard behaviors of site users. Surprised, uncomfortable, amazed or curious, their consciousness in relation to others in this specific site will be momentarily modified. For example, in the project Party Day, I have interrupted the work of downtown office-tower employees with the help of a large bunch of balloons on long strings that I manipulated as they floated up at the eighth floor level. Despite the inoffensive and generous nature of the gesture, my persistent presence in public space provoked several sustained interactions with security guards, thus pointing to the political dimension of public space.

I often invite the viewer to get physically involved with my work. In the 1600 eggs project, visitors to the Contemporary Art Museum in Montreal had to walk on eggshells filled with glitter to enter and thus left a bright trace of their passage throughout the museum. In my work, I pay special attention to how the body comes into contact with the piece: stepping on eggs strengthens the experiential aspect of the encounter with the work, triggering a spark in the mind of the viewer.

Exploring different forms of collectivity, especially in relation to individual freedom, is also at the heart of my artistic approach. I like to bring people together in uncommon situations. During a gallery presentation of the rocking bench The Choir, I got a large number of people involved in a Rock-a-thon. I draw from the collective, sometimes working in duo, sometimes asking for group participation; these interactions are fully integrated into my artistic practice and the questioning of my own identity as a single woman artist.
La question c'est souvent de se sentir au bon endroit, au bon temps, pis syntoniser
-«salut, t'es où? Qu'est-ce tu fais?» (clefs du perf)