Projects 2010-2015
6 hours 6 minutes 6 seconds (durational performance, FADO version)
Magic Mountain (collaboration with Lua Coderch)
Je, chantre (video performance and contextual art)
The choir (monumental sculpture)
Celebration Day (intervention)
1600 eggs (intervention with Audrey Racicot)
Discussion on what is looking to us
Projects 2016-2019
To do the plant (performance in Cégep's Offices)
Invaginate (performance on stage)
Obsequies (in situ installation)
6-6-6 (durational performance, Bolit contemporary Center, Girona, Spain)
Hors action (performance)
Party day! (art+bioethic)
(photo, contract, $$$ and performance with Jean-Frédérick Ménard)
poetry+performance, folklore (artist residency, Caravansérail)
Let's talk about eggs! (video and intervention with Audrey Racicot)
6 hours 6 minutes 6 seconds (installation and durational performance VIVA! art action version)
Archifeminist (performance-conference, CIRFF)
Pearsche (durational performance, public space)
What are doing animals (in situ performance)
To fabulate, to rebirth, solo exhibition, Skol
french welcome
Garter Snake, performance, CIRCA art actuel, Montréal
arkadi lavo
*Night's fingers, residency+expo, mai 2019, Lobe, Chicoutimi
*The choir at Mont-La Salle, wannabe public art from the roots
*Is collecting a privilege? MAC LAU, St-Jérôme
*Permaculture, artistic practice and decolonization, shaking ideas with food
*Art + Perinatal, Dazibao, performance, food, intersection
dreaming the dark
*Mirage factory, Orange event Triennal, curators Marie-Ève & Isabelle Charron, residency in egg's factory, expo, relational art
*art+soccer+performance, articule, Montréal, curator: Amber Berson
Thank you Diana Ross, «I am coming out»
My transdisciplinary works are rooted in performance and bring together action, object, and poetry, creating complex images that address biopolitical issues. I use objects from pop culture and the everyday, like an egg, a rocking chair, a woven rug, a snake, or a boyband, and address topics like childbirth, postmortem care, and masturbation. These "common-places” are then empathetically witnessed, explored, and contextualized within a queer and feminist imaginary.
Projects 2020-2023
*Le travail que l'on rêve gratuit, 2022
*Masturbation alchimique : les vagues, 2022
*Chiron à la maison, 2023
*Chiron, 2023
*Se toucher: the cottage, 2023
*I didn't want it that way, 2023
*Juste pour fuir, 2020-2022